Website Design and Programming Project

Haupy's Beaver Rub eCommerce Website [LINK]

The Haupys Beaver Rub website project was a responsive website project utilizing Bootstrap and jQuery as well as eCommerce elements. The front of the website was to match the existing branding for the product, which consisted exclusively of the logo. Brand awareness and eCommerce were the two main objectives for the website. The website includes several animations and interactive elements. A database was created to store product information and order information. The shopping cart and checkout pages were created to be seamless, and the checkout process is a single step process for this website, thereby streamlining the checkout process and encouraging purchases. Neo Vida Media Inc. also built an administrative back end to the website, which includes standard options for the display, organization, and control of Haupys Beaver Rub products and online orders.

Haupys Beaver Rub Home Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Shopping Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Shopping Cart
Haupys Beaver Rub Checkout Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Recipes Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Contact Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Admin Home Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Products Admin Page
Haupys Beaver Rub Orders Admin Page